We have helped families in Windsor, Essex County and other parts of Ontario resolve their family separation issues for over 14 years.  Our experienced and accredited family mediators have decades of experience in providing excellent mediation services, guiding thousands of families to reduce conflict and save money on legal fees.  Contact us to learn more.

Bridging Family Conflict is physically located in Windsor Ontario but grew through the pandemic to provide mediation services throughout Ontario by using the Zoom online platform.  We do provide in person appointments and have continued to provide mediation services via Zoom as a convenience to our busy clients in Windsor and Essex County and for clients throughout Ontario.  Zoom allows for greater flexibility and can be used for both intake and mediation sessions or just for intake sessions if clients prefer.  Please feel free to let us know your preference when you arrange your appointments.

Proud to be Windsor’s 2023 Platinum Winner for Mediation Services. 

Who We Are

Bridging Family Conflict has been providing excellent mediation services in Windsor, Essex County and the rest of Ontario for over 14 years.  Our mediators are very experienced and  accredited by the Ontario Association for Family Mediation. Our focus is on really hearing from each client so that we can help them voice what is important to them, providing them with the information they need to make good decisions for their future and helping them find acceptable solutions.  We also specialize in dealing with high conflict parenting by using various approaches, such as Child Inclusive Mediation, Voice of Child Reports, New Ways for Families high conflict coaching and Parenting Coordination.

We are now available for mediation services throughout Ontario as our mediators are trained to mediate online via Zoom.

We are located at 3231 Tecumseh Road, Windsor, Ontario and can be reached at 519-946-0808. You can also request services by emailing us at admin@bfc-mediation.com.

S’il vous plaît nous aviser si ou des services de médiation en français.

Our Mediators

Meet our team of dedicated, caring and knowlagble mediators

The Process

The mediator’s job is to understand your issues, your concerns, potentially your thoughts about solutions.

Affordable Rates

We have reasonable and affordable rates.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I have really found the mediation helpful. I appreciate your effort in trying to help us focus on the right things, like our kids…..
A.I., Windsor
“I received positive feedback by at least 5 participants directly. They indicated that it was helpful information overall, and were glad they had attended.”
Adelle Greco, B.A., M.S.W., R.S.W.

“If both parties truly want to resolve their issues for the betterment of their children, the services that Jennifer and her staff provide are uncommon and fulfilling. I am very happy that we chose to work with Jennifer.”

A. Hanson

“The mediator worked a miracle by having us speaking after 3 years and a lot of animosity toward each other…Thank you!”

Travis W

“Welcoming and very real and down to earth”

Tammy W

Mission Statement

Providing an effective, respectful and cost-effective way for families to find their own solutions in times of breakdown and conflict.

Vision Statement

We help families resolve their disputes in a peaceful, productive and empowering way that minimizes the negative consequences of family breakdown. We help and guide those in conflict find their own solutions in an atmosphere of integrity and creativity.

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