Safety Planning

Family separation and conflict brings an increased risk for domestic violence. This is something all accredited mediators take very seriously. We screen for this in our intake process, making sure that both parties are good candidates for mediation.

Even in cases where there has been some evidence of this type of behaviour, research shows that mediation can work with necessary safeguards. Speak to your mediator if you have concerns and be sure to bring them up clearly.  Make sure that you take your safety very seriously, checking out the valuable resources available online such as those found at Neighbours, Friends and Family.

  • Crying Child

Hiatus House is a woman’s shelter who take women in emergency need for shelter. They also assist in helping women develop safety plans by calling 24 hours a day either at 519-252-1143 or the Crisis Line at 519-252-7781. If you are a man experiencing violence from a partner please call them for community referrals.