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A.I., Windsor

I have really found the mediation helpful. I appreciate your effort in trying to help us focus on the right things, like our kids…..

“I recently experienced my first ever mediation online. I entered the process without having my hopes up because of how difficult my case was considered to be. To my surprise and happiness, we were able to resolve all issues. The mediator was very professional and productive. She definitely was experienced and knew exactly how to deal with the other party. I highly recommend everyone in a custody case consider mediation as an option. Since my matter was resolved, I’ve definitely saved a lot of money not having to continue to a settlement conference, then even a trail. Thank you for your help!”

C Rob

A. Hanson

“If both parties truly want to resolve their issues for the betterment of their children, the services that Jennifer and her staff provide are uncommon and fulfilling. I am very happy that we chose to work with Jennifer.”

“I received positive feedback by at least 5 participants directly. They indicated that it was helpful information overall, and were glad they had attended.”

Adelle Greco, B.A., M.S.W., R.S.W.

Tammy W

“Welcoming and very real and down to earth”

“The mediator worked a miracle by having us speaking after 3 years and a lot of animosity toward each other…Thank you!”

Travis W