Co-parenting Program: New Ways For Families

Parenting Coordination is a voluntary process. One party cannot retain the services of a Parenting Coordinator – both parties need to be on board. Parenting Coordination is a process in which a neutral third party facilitates divorced or separated parents in understanding and implementing their parenting plan, and/or in enforcing their court order. The parenting coordinator must adhere to the parenting plan just like the parents must do. It is something for people to use after they have come to an agreement or obtained a court order, but things are still not working out between them.

Parenting Co-ordinators are Alternative Dispute Resolution professionals (ADR) who are child focused; and whose role is to help parents co-parent well, so that the level of conflict is lessened. Reducing conflict is beneficial to children as research shows that it is not divorce that hurts children, but it is the level of conflict between the parents that they are exposed to which is detrimental to their well being.  They help with issues about parenting time, telephone access, transportation of the child(ren), child care, parenting issues, exchange of information issues, and the children’s social, emotional, academic, and medical needs.

There is a fee for this service but our intake process is free so that we can assess whether this program would work for you.  Please contact us for more information.

To arrange for a consultation about New Ways for Families contact us by email or call us at 519-946-0808.

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