Parenting Coordination

When you have a Court Order or Agreement, but you still have lots of disputes and conflicts about enforcing it, or working it out, a Parenting Coordinator can be retained by both of you to help you.  First they will try to work it out by facilitating a conversation between you.  If that doesn’t work, they are empowered by your contract with them to be the decision maker.  The benefit of this process is you do not have to start a new court action.  The Parenting Coordinator is enforcing your parenting plan.

Parenting Coordinators are Alternative Dispute Resolution professionals (ADR) who are child focused; and whose role is to help parents co-parent well, so that the level of conflict is lessened. Reducing conflict is beneficial to children as research shows that it is not divorce that hurts children, but it is the level of conflict between the parents that they are exposed to which is detrimental to their well being.

The Parenting Coordinator can help families deal with a variety of issues. Commonly, the Parenting Coordinator deals with disputes surrounding parenting time, telephone access, transportation of the child(ren), child care, parenting issues, exchange of information issues, and the children’s social, emotional, academic, and medical needs.

For Parenting Coordination to be successful, both parents should have similar expectations from the process. Parenting Coordination is neither therapy nor counseling so it is not the appropriate place to bring up past marital issues.

Typically, Parenting Coordination contracts are most often contracted for six months to one year and payments are arranged by hourly fee.  Parenting Coordinators work on a retainer system, and once the parties’ retainer runs out, hourly fees are then billed. The cost of the Parenting Coordinator’s services is shared equally between the parties in order to preserve the Parenting Coordinators neutrality.

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Parenting Coordination Information Sheet

Our Parenting Coordinator

Our Parenting Coordinator is Laura Kapetanov MSW.  Laura has over twenty years experience working with children at agencies like Children’s First and separating families. She has an exceptional ability to help parents focus on the needs of their children and facilitate resolutions to both small and large parenting disputes.