Child Counselling Services

Many of our clients ask for services for their children as they work through the separation process. Since children are impacted by family dynamics, we typically find the most effective way to work with children is within the context of family mediation and/or therapy. Family therapy with younger children (ages 6-11) often involves a combination of parent/caregiver-focused therapy sessions, family therapy sessions and individual therapy sessions with the child, when appropriate. For older children we often provide both individual and family therapy sessions to provide space to focus on adolescent and family therapy goals. Our clinical preference is to involve parents and family members; however, we recognize the importance of holding space for teenagers to participate in individual therapy sessions.

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Child Counsellors

Laura Kapetanov MSW, RSW, AccFM has over twenty-one years experience working with children at agencies like Children’s First. She understands the needs of children and has experience working with them in the context of separation.  Laura has an exceptional ability to help parents focus on the needs of their children and facilitate resolutions to both small and large parenting disputes and uses those skills in her counselling work.